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After grinding his skills to their potential at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Brendan has percolated himself into a versatile drummer with a vast array of gigs under his belt. His time is split between playing a blend of drums and percussion for musical theatre shows of all kinds, roasting snare drum marches with the Corrective Services Band NSW, steaming it up on kit with Elton Out of the Closet, crushing the beat as The Druminator in The Bad 80’s band and playing silky smooth beats for Party Latte. Also, his red hot Jazz/Fusion band Shattered Circuits recently released its first album, which can be found on Spotify.

His daily grind also includes a passion for teaching, where he currently co-owns a music tutoring business, and a dangerous obsession with finding the perfect cup of coffee.


Emma holds a Bachelor's of Music (Voice) from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. She lives in Sydney’s Inner West, where she is now safely surrounded by cafes and baristas to supply a steady stream of caffeine. As a singer, she has extensive experience working with bands nationally and internationally. She also performs regularly within the musical theatre industry. Emma absolutely refuses to start the day without a skim cappuccino (and don’t you dare skimp on the chocolate dust on the top).


As a tender young piccolo, Dave found his passion for music sitting in the back of his mother’s car singing along to the Pointer Sisters Automatic. Since then, Dave has spent the last 33 years refining his own unique blend of vocal style by scouring the planet for different influences; helping him achieve the mature, smooth and slightly steamy style he has today. When he’s not performing with Party Latte or on stage in a musical, much like a slow drip cold brew, Dave finds himself in an office job helping people manage change; but day dreams of the next time he and the Party Latte crew bring their special blend of musical party goodness and fun to your next event!


Cara's love for lattes... and singing.. started back in primary school at the Christmas talent quest, where people enjoyed the smooth and subtle tones of her voice.. with just a hint of mystique, that only true Turkish coffee can bring. She is in the band primarily for her tambourine and shaker skills but does enjoy a sing when the boys need their coffee break. She loves a soy caramel latte before a Sunday afternoon jam and an espresso martini for the moonlight hours. 


While many musicians are single origin, David is an all-rounder style blend of keys, bass, guitar and BVs. When he’s not running after his young children (often caffeine assisted), he runs a music school in Hornsby. David has been performing in bands regularly for over 10 years.

PL_HS_Dave R.jpg

Dave is a Sydney guitarist, music educator, and coffee enthusiast. He’s also the guy who manages Party Latte and most likely the guy you’ll deal with if you book us. Dave has played with a lot of different Sydney bands, from Jellybean Jam to the Bad 80s band, but he enjoys nothing more than helping our clients find the perfect mix of music for their events. Dave’s been working in the wedding music industry for over 15 years and can provide a wealth of experience and information to ensure the  entertainment side of things is well taken care of in true Party Latte style. 


Amanda is a well-known session musician, contemporary performer and grounded bassist. Amanda can’t espresso her love for music enough, as her daily grind is all about teaching music and performing in countless musical theatre shows, as well as prestigious events and corporate functions. Performing one cup at a time, various shows she has performed in include “Catch Me if you Can” at The Hayes, “Starstruck” at NIDA, and “Bring it On” at State Theatre. Her professional musical experience and her willingness to chai new things, has led her to a multitude of brewing experiences including the Telstra Business Women's Awards at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, The Young Women’s Jazz Orchestra, and involvement in the Lancer Band Army Reserves performing at NRL games, Mardi Gras parades and ceremonies.


Ryley is a man of mystery, stay tuned for his bio!


Owen is like a Piccolo Latte. He’s dark, tasty, and has a delicious aroma. No.. wait. Owen is much more like an iced latte. He’s cool, refreshing, and you’d step over your mother just to get one. But you can’t stop at just one. Pretty soon you’ll want another Owen, and another. What’s that? You want that money? Well, come and find it… cause I don’t know where it is, you baloney. 

Owen. What a guy. What a player. Add a refreshing twist of Owen to your next Party Latte booking. 


Mitch is a Sydney-based freelance drummer with a wealth of performance experience both nationally and internationally. He has studied extensively with many renowned drummers, and has completed an intensive summer school program at The Collective School of Music in New York City. Mitch has performed with many well-known artists and has established himself as a versatile and sought after session musician and educator.


Career highlights include two years of national touring and performing with Australian Sony artist Cassie Davis at large scale venues, such as The Sydney Entertainment Centre and ANZ Stadium. Mitch has also performed on numerous nationally and internationally broadcast television shows including (italicize TV show titles) Hey Hey, It’s Saturday and “The Morning Show”. Over the course of his career, Mitch has performed regularly with a number of successful bands, such as Mary & the Banks, The Art of Grace, Regicide, Rough Stock, and Destonia.


Currently, Mitch performs with Critical Hit (USA), The Limited Edition Band, The EP All-Stars, Toni & the Stonehearts, and Party Latte. The rest of his time is divided between performing, recording and touring with artists, teaching students, and composing, arranging and producing music. 


Jeff is the sax player for many bands. He fills his days with much coffee and much sax. By day, he teaches horns and leads bands at many schools. If he hasn’t had his morning latte, you are likely to get a grumpy sax, but, post-latte, the sax is all smooth and all groove.


Joey is a freelance/session drummer based in Sydney. He has played with various bands, acts and artists throughout the years, and is also well versed in many styles including rock, funk, soul/rnb, jazz, afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Caribbean, big band, musical theatre and fusion. He attributes his eclectic and wide musical taste to his love of coffee. This is evident as his coffee order seems to be wide and eclectic: “Can I please have one…quad long shot grande in a venti cup half calf double cupped no sleeve salted caramel mocha latte with two pumps of vanilla substitute two pumps of white chocolate mocha for mocha and substitute two pumps of hazelnut for toffee nut half whole milk and half breve with no whipped cream extra hot extra foam extra caramel drizzle extra salt add a scoop of vanilla bean powder with light ice well stirred"


Dan is 'All About That Bass'. He's toured the country playing everything from Elvis to Motown, and he's been rockin' those funky bass lines since the bass was bigger than him. Like a good coffee, Dan's groove will keep you up all night for some sweet booty shakin' on the dance floor.


Damien's playing has been brewing for more than 25 years. His unique blend of virtuosic piano, grinding organ, smooth electric piano, and hot, steamy synthesiser work provides plenty of texture and a double-shot of excitement. By day, he's a mild-roast High School music teacher, but, when the sun goes down, you'll often find Damien percolating in musical theatre orchestras, recording studios or backing a wide range of professional artists around the country.


Craig is a rich roast of many layered flavours, pianist, vocalist, arranger, composer, filtered through many years of theatre training, and slow-dripped into the vintage ceramics of a passion for funk and jazz. A real energetic kick, born of pure caffeine, his flamboyant style is to be sipped around the city, in bands and theatres, and anywhere else where a pianistic pick-me-up is required.


Amy is a woman of mystery, stay tuned for her bio!

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