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Party Latte can’t wait to share in your special day – you can get in touch with us via the contact form below. If you’re unsure of what kind of package or band size you’re after, you can find a useful guide right here


Party Latte can provide the perfect blend for your event from a 2-piece to a 9-piece.

acoustic guitar and vocals

A classic. Guitar and vocals, providing beautiful, chilled out music for your ceremony. We will learn any song/s (with enough notice) and ensure we set the perfect mood for your ceremony.

usually acoustic guitar, percussion and 1 or 2 vocalists

Perfect for entertaining your guests over dinner or during canapes. We can play a mix of modern classics, easy listening or jazz music to set a beautiful tone for the whole evening.

guitar, 2x vocalists, percussion

Something we are often asked to do over drinks after a ceremony, or during your guests mingling time is to play something a little more up tempo – to help create a real party atmosphere. Our 4-piece acoustic combo does this perfectly.

guitar, bass, percussion and vocals

We’ll add a bass guitarist to the 3-piece, and suddenly you’ve got a dance floor unit that is compact and very affordable. A 4-piece band is great for smaller venues and can still play a good mix of repertoire. 

usually a male and female vocalist, plus guitar, bass and drums

By adding a second vocalist to our 4-piece band we can increase the repertoire the band can play by a fair amount. 2 vocalists entertaining your crowd is also double the fun!

male and female vocalist, guitar, keyboard, bass and drums

The 6-piece band is the best option for most weddings that want the band to handle the dance floor. We can play almost any song with this combo. Plus it’s an impressive looking ensemble too! 

7, 8 or 9-PIECE BAND
want to take it to the next level?

Party Latte offers a 1, 2, or 3-piece horn package to really put the icing on the cake. Either one trumpet, one saxophone, or both (plus a trombone if you want the 9-piece). This is a sound that just can’t be beaten. And if you’re into Latin, Funk or Soul music (Think JLo, Ricky Martin, Bruno Mars etc) - the horn section will literally blow your guests away.